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 Who are we?

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PostSubject: Who are we?   Thu Jul 07, 2011 5:50 am

YaWn is primarily a high end speed clearing guild. We range from DoASc to UrgozSc. We can clear just about every area in Guild Wars with effective bars and we do so efficiently. While we do have the occasional runs where speed is key, we also have very relaxed non-stressful runs. Balanced Urgoz and Ooola's runs are just a few of our favourites! We have very experienced members in YaWn with backgrounds from a range of very high end speed clearing guilds such as ToYs, OHNO, Fury, DL, SCAR, LOD, ToA, NOOO and GS. That's not to say we all come from that background. We have a lot of members new to the Speed Clear scene that are just as involved in runs and contribute to the guild.

While we spend our time having fun in dungeons and elite areas we also are very heavy on character development. We strive to better ourselves by progressing our characters to have all the skills and ranks needed to re-roll as many areas in a team build as possible. We don't do this alone however! We regularly form for HM EoTN books in guild and farm rep points in Nightfall on event weekends.

The guild is currently experiencing a shift towards slightly more DoA orientated playing which has lead to a lot of development to Mesmers, Monks, Elementalists and Assassins. Having these characters developed has allowed us to get some very respectable DoA times and we are still pushing to improve ourselves all the time.

YaWn members are always on vent during runs, this allows for proper communication even if that’s only to listen to the direction being given. This ability to be on vent makes the guild atmosphere a lot more enjoyable and we welcome anyone on our runs to join us on vent.

YaWn has very dedicated and experienced players, that's why we expect each new member to the guild to have some experience that they can bring. This isn't to put anyone off joining; more to make sure people have characters developed enough to be able to run with us.

If YaWn sounds like the guild for you please go to the application section and we hope to see you in game either as a new member or just a friendly face.
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wants yawn back
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Who are we?
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