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 YaWn's Minimum Req's

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PostSubject: YaWn's Minimum Req's   YaWn's Minimum Req's EmptyThu Jul 07, 2011 6:27 am

Hello and welcome to the Application section of Retired Bookah Syndicate [YaWn].

You will be required to have the audio program known as Teamspeak preferably with a working microphone in order to communicate effectively with your team during runs and socialising with the guild.

In order to be invited into the guild you must first fill in an application form (using the template) informing us of your accounts character development and your own experience.

In order to meet the character development required to participate in the activities in the guild you must have three characters meeting the requirements as seen below.

Once the requirements of the guild are met and a Officer signs off on your application you will need to arrange trial runs with the guild. We will be trailing you on all three mesmer roles in DoA and at least one other role in either fow/uw or another role in DoA.

After this two week period you will become a permanent member of the guild.


Mesmer with r8 LB and r7 Asuran, and extensive spiking experience, along with a necro or an ele.

Monk optional, since they're easy enough to pick up from AC(and we got barbie)

Plus at least one of the following


Ranger with r8 delver, exp as t1/t2

Ele with r8 vanguard and exp as duos

Rit with spike/sos exp with r5 asuran


Ranger with r8 delver

Sin with r8 vanguard, r6 norn

Rit/Mes with spike exp

We are not a training guild. We are seeking experienced DoA players for consistant sub 40 minute runs.
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YaWn's Minimum Req's
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